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The Perfect Guitar Choice: How Is It Possible?

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If you are new to the guitar, you do not necessarily have all the tips to choose the right instrument for you and this can quickly become a real headache. Many criteria must be taken into account before you start your first purchase. First, you will need to define which type of guitar is best for you, classical, acoustic or electric. Once this first criterion has been determined, you will have to orient your choice according to the following points:

Its aesthetics: you will have to opt for a guitar that you find beautiful, but also and above all check that its finishes are perfect, this will play on its longevity. The Fingerstyle Guitar is the best choice there.

The state of the bars of the guitar: they should not be rusted or damaged, they should be smooth under your fingers.

The strings and their mechanism: you will need to test each string of the guitar to verify that they are of good quality and that they do not curl. You will also have to check that the mechanics of the strings rotate smoothly.

The sound of your guitar

For the electric guitar you will have to test it unplugged first and then plugged in. More details on the different types of guitars here.

What types of guitars for what practice?

  • The classical guitar is the oldest, it has the distinction of being dry like the acoustic guitar. It differs from the acoustic guitar by its strings which are nylon and metal and a wide neck. It does not need amplification.
  • The acoustic guitar is much more efficient for playing chords of all types of varieties such as folk, pop… known by a good number of names: folk guitar, acoustic or even electroacoustic, it is recognizable by its strings exclusively made of steel , a sound box and a thinner neck than that of the classical guitar.
  • Finally the last guitar, the electric is easily recognizable. 100% rock guitar, it has no sound box, must be connected to an amp, has microphones and is available in many forms.
  • If you don’t choose the right guitar to start with, you may well give up on your guitarist dreams.

You will not want to play with it, you will not like the music that you will make and you move on to something else.

It only happens to others you think. Well no. Many more beginners than you might think are ill advised and buy the wrong guitar. With a guitar that suits you will enjoy playing, your motivation will be strengthened and your chances of success increased tenfold.