April 19, 2024

Important Things To Expect from a Paintball Competition

2 min read

It suddenly becomes important whether each team wins or loses. Players hit much harder and faster to win the game. Your adrenaline will peak, making the game feel much faster than usual. Don’t take losses personally. Expect to lose the first few matches until you feel like you’re playing a speedball tournament or a tree game.

Try not to be afraid of other, more experienced teams; you must start somewhere.

An excellent way to improve at paintball in Melbourne is to play with people with more experience than you. You can catch their movements and see how fast and aggressive they are playing; try to copy what the best teams have done to win. Some players may even look down on you or look better than they are because they have expensive paintball guns or matching team uniforms. These are the guys you want to compete with.

The scoring system may vary slightly depending on the rules of the tournament. However, on average, the point system usually revolves around a maximum of 100 points. 50 for hanging, 20 for the first to raise the flag, 4 points for each enemy eliminated, and 2 points for each survivor on your team. You can find the leaderboard for your tournament by attending the pre-competition captains meeting.

The captain’s meeting is a meeting that cannot be missed for any reason. Here you will learn about the tournament rules and scoring system, current schedule changes, and everything necessary for the participants. It is also the time they review the initial call, which is very important for your team. Don’t expect the other team to take the time to catch up with you.

The referees expect you to know the game’s rules before you start. They will tell you where your opponents are and where you should be. Be courteous to the judges; It never hurts to be on their side. If a wrong decision has been made, only your team captain should raise the issue with the referee. Be polite, professional, and state the facts in a dispute. Respect the referee’s decision.

Keep the spirit of competition, but remember all competition is for fun. Get out of your way to have a good time! Be a good athlete, but try to win with everything you have. Stay within the line when your competitor is winning. All that will happen because of your wrong actions is that other competitors will not like you, and all bridges will be burned. Enjoy your victory, but also try to respect the other team.


Before leaving the event, talk to the judges, organizers, and other teams. Thank them for their work in the event and for leaving a good impression on your team. Write these things down to remember them and improve your weaknesses before your next competition.