April 19, 2024

Perfect Place for Japanese Private Dining

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Although every food from variety of cultures and styles of various nations has its own specialty yet when it comes to Japanese food nothing can beat its unmatched flavor and taste.

Exclusive Japanese food when cooked in specific Japanese style with pure and nutritious ingredients and served in traditional way adds special flavor to your lunch or dinner.

Where can you get exclusive Japanese cuisine in Melbourne?

There may be many restaurants in Melbourne or Sydney that serve you Japanese delicacies but if you really wish to enjoy finest quality of mouth-watering Japanese food along with world’s leading brands of Wine, Beer, Whisky or Gin etc, there cannot be any other place better than Tokyo Tina.

Tokyo Tina offers you the best quality of traditional Japanese Izakaya cuisine that is known for the classic dishes from Japan. You will surely experience and relish the exotic flavor, texture and presentation of Japanese Izakaya at Tokyo Tina.

Tokyo Tina is an ideal place where Japanese private dining can be enjoyed with friends and families in most appropriate and heart-warming ambience.

Specialties served at Tokyo Tina

When you really wish to re-invent taste, flavor and texture of high class Japanese Izakaya dishes or host lunch or dinner to your loved ones, visiting Tokyo Tina for pure Japanese private dining will be a brilliant idea as well as most satisfying experience.

Tokyo Tina is an ideal place for enjoying classic Japanese delicacies such as:

  • Prawn Katsu Buns
  • Chive &Shiso Salsa Verde
  • Whole Roasted Fish
  • Salmon Tartare with compressed Nashi Pear

For Japanese private dining, Tokyo Tina has perfect arrangements to comfortably accommodate maximum 24 persons.

You may start enjoying Japanese private dining initially by choosing from:

  • Baby Quakes (Pickled)
  • Chives Devilled Egg
  • Avocado and Wasabi Mousse
  • Togarashi Fried Rice Cake
  • Yellow Fin Tuna or Spanner Crab

 The above can be followed by mouth-watering Japanese dishes before going for main course, such as:

  • Horse Radish Umeboshi Glazed Duck Breast
  • Wagayu Beef Tataki
  • Confit Leg
  • Sesame Mustard
  • Ponzu

In addition to above the main course include exclusive delicacies like:

  • Wakame
  • Grilled Leek
  • Chive & Shiso Salsa Verde
  • Whole roasted lamb Shoulder
  • Bonito Dashi Butter
  • Streamed Koshihikari Rice
  • Yuzu Mayo and Bonito

Salads like Bottarga Wombok and Fannel as well as Furikake Crumb Potato Salad. As per choice of customers the restaurant also offers delicious Oysters and Ponzu Mignonette and Lemon on ‘add on’ basis to add more grace to the menu.

No dining is complete without mouthful of tasty flavor of deserts and Tokyo Tina always offer the best of Japanese deserts that include:

  • Japanese Honey Cake ‘Castella’
  • Whisky Crème and Soy Caramel

Along with exotic Japanese dishes, we also offer a wide range of finest Cocktails, Wines, Beers, Whiskey & Scotches as well as Gin with Mixers at most reasonable price for your Japanese private dining.

Other facilities offered to our valued customers

Being customer-oriented restaurant, we at Tokyo Tina offer special facilities to our valued customers such as:

  • Complimentary Karaoke services
  • Catering as per dietary requests
  • Disable friendly place with all disable accesses
  • Smoke free venue- ideally suitable for health-conscious individuals

With so many facilities and most genuine, pure and hygienically cooked dishes by experienced chefs for your Japanese private dining in most pleasant environment, Tokyo Tina look forward for you to experience of hosting a perfect dining in Melbourne.