April 19, 2024

Some Important Indoor Paintball Equipment & Gears You Need to Know

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Paintball is considered an extreme sport that you can play alone or with a team. Many players also see it as a game because you basically shoot at your opponents with paintball guns. It will hurt, especially if shot at point-blank range. But not as much as long as you have the right paintball gear. So if you’re looking for an intense sport to play with your friends, you should consider indoor paintball sydney. It’s the best activity you can play with your friends on many occasions, such as birthday parties or get-togethers!

If you’re thinking about playing indoor paintball with your friends and family, you should get ready by looking for the right gear. You need to have the proper protection because paintball can be dangerous. Like most sports, you need the appropriate equipment. And if you’re planning to play paintball as a hobby, you will need to invest in the best equipment to experience the best paintball game of your life.

Choose an Excellent Paintball Gun

Paintball guns are in the offensive category when it comes to playing paintball. It’s the most critical piece that also costs a lot, so it’s also considered an investment. You should know that there are many types of paintball guns to choose from, and you can either modify them with paintball gun accessories or not. If you play at an indoor paintball facility to experience the game for your first time, you can rent them there.

Paintballs – The Heart of the Game

Paintballs are the heart and soul of the game, and these are the bullets of the paintball guns. They come in different sizes and colours, depending on the paintball gun you are using. Some also come in different thickness, which depends on the manufacturer of the paintballs. Veteran paintball players will match the size of their paintballs with the diameter of their paintball guns. On the other hand, you can use most general paintballs in standard guns.


Protect Your Face with Full Masks

Full masks are three pieces of equipment in one. The hard masks protect the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Goggles protect the eyes. Finally, the visor protects and keeps the glare from the eyes so you can play without a problem. These are required in every paintball facility you’re playing in.

Chest Protector

Paintballs are very painful, which is why you need to protect your body as well. Chest protectors have either padding or plates that cushions and distributes the force of the paintball upon impact. These are not required, but most will wear chest protectors when getting close to an opponent.

Pads & Gloves

Pads and gloves are two of the standard gear that you need to wear when playing paintball. Pads are for the elbow, groin, and knees that will protect these sensitive areas from damage. Gloves are highly recommended because the fingers can be raw from pulling the trigger, and paintballs can get under the fingernails, which causes a lot of discomfort.

If you’re planning to play indoor paintball soon, you have to take these equipment and gears into consideration. So far, these are the standard equipment you will need with playing paintball. Sooner or later, if you play competitively, you will learn what other gears you will need.