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Colorado’s Music Hall of Fame Preserves and Promotes the Local Music Scene

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Colorado State has many music venues and party scenes, especially in bigger cities like Colorado Springs and Denver. In the last century, traditional and folk music had absorbed the local Colorado population with its magic.

In 1976, the popular Colorado Music festival was introduced in Boulder city by a popular violinist, Giora Bernstein. From June through to August, the festival runs annually, with performances of traditional, classical, and world music.

The foundation of Music Hall Of Fame

By the end of the 20th century, many musicians, promoters, and journalists started pushing a way to acknowledge the musicians and music in Colorado. Unfortunately, this approach by the arts organizations and the local papers failed.

Fortunately, in 2011, the Music Hall of Fame got structured as a non-profit organization. Chuck Morris, Gary Brown, and several other committed music-loving board members encompassed multiple music styles. They aimed to include a wide genre of music, supporters, and organizations that would carry Colorado’s music magic to the world.

A board member named Jay Elowsky hosted the kickoff dinner at his restaurant called “Pasta Jay’s” in Boulder. There were spontaneous performances from Colorado’s popular musicians like Bluesman Otis Taylor, Subdudes John Magnie, Firefall’s Jock Bartley, Elton John’s Band, Kenny Passarelli, Bill Nersh, Chris Daniels, Freddie Gowdy, and more.

Colorado Community’s involvement and support

Soon, Dr. Neil Norton, the Marketing Vice President from Comfort Dental, got involved in this Hall of Fame project. He is a partner who clearly had the vision of building the legacy. Together a move was made to find a home for Colorado’s Music Hall of Fame, after its short residency at Broomfield.

Michael Hancock [Mayor], John Hickenlooper [Governor], and Chuck decided to make The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver a permanent home for musical presentations. Today, the Hall has a permanent concert space, on the east-side at Trading Post’.

Popular musicians who started their career from the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

  • John Denver
  • Philip Bailey [Earth, Wind, and Fire]
  • Diana Reeves [ Jazz vocalist who won Grammy award five times]
  • Barry Fey [Family Dog]
  • Glenn Miller
  • The Astronauts
  • Firefall
  • KIMN radio
  • KBCO radio
  • Flash Cadillac
  • Judy Collins [Folk legend]
  • Bob Lind
  • The Serendipity singers
  • Stephen Stills [Manassas]
  • Chris Daniels
  • Poco
  • And many more

All are honored at the popular Red Rocks Amphitheater’s that houses the Hall. Soon, on 3rd December 2019 other inductees will be performing at the Music Hall including Tommy Bolin, Otis, Zephyr, Freddi & Hench, Candy Givens, Tony Spicola, and Journalist Wendy.