June 17, 2024

Wedding Rules & Traditions That Are Becoming Optional

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Wedding aay rules are far different from the frilly, unappealing dresses of bridesmaids and the party favors that were given to each guest. Some wedding traditions, like the jumping of the broom, may be hard to give up. More and more couples today are creating their own rules for their wedding day.

Wedding superstitions and traditions can feel like a maze of rules. You may find that you are glad to have thrown out more than the bouquet thrown from your rulebook at the end of the big day.

Wedding Traditions and Rules

1.      It’s Bad Luck for the Groom to See the Bride Before the Wedding

You can probably say that you are lucky if you’ve found the love of a lifetime. You will be thrilled whether you decide to start a new tradition of taking beautiful first-look pictures or wait for the traditional reveal. Do not follow superstitions, but rather your heart.

This tradition actually dates back to prearranged marriages, where the bride and the groom did not even MEET BEFORE the wedding. Many couples have opted out of the tradition, and are taking “first-look” photos as a trend for modern weddings.

2.      Bouquet and Garter Tossing Can Be a Deal Breaker at the Wedding

If you’re looking to embarrass and please your guests, this is a surefire way to do it. You will find that your guests will be so happy at the reception, they won’t even notice if you decide to skip this wedding tradition.

It’s a long-standing tradition, but not all couples are happy with the chaos of friends fighting for the bouquet and garter. Most brides don’t want their bare thighs to be seen by everyone while the groom removes her garter, then throws it to one of his drunken friends.

3.      Weekend Weddings Are A MUST

What if your dream Saturday is already booked? Venues will often offer a discount for weekday weddings. Weekday weddings are a great way to bring everyone together for the biggest event of the year.

Worried about guests who are working refusing to attend? Plan a wedding for the evening. Invite your family and friends in advance so they can plan. This may have an impact on your guest list, as it will be harder for people to plan time off work and for them to book travel accommodations. However, if it is possible, you can break the rule by having a weekday ceremony.

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