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How to Host a Wine and Painting Party

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Wine and Painting parties are booming in popularity! It can be a lot of fun to host a social event that features both fine wine and painting. You get to enjoy great drinks, paint, and the company of friends. What could be better?

If you are interested in wine painting Denver, going to a business that provides fun wine and painting parties is a good choice if you want everything done for you. But if you want to throw one yourself, please consider the following information to make your event a breeze:

  • Cover your work table with big sheets of paper, unless you want the painting to become a permanent part of your decor! Provide each painting work station with a water cup, tray for mixing, small paper plates, and plenty of paper towels.
  • If your friends enjoy wine, have plenty of wine available. Some wine and painting party veterans buy two bottles of wine for every three friends. This will usually work well because some guests bring their own beverages.
  • It is smart to have plenty of bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages too if you have friends who do not imbibe.
  • Encourage everyone to bring appetizers to share. This means less work for you and there will be plenty to munch on while you create your art.
  • You can purchase ready-to-go-supplies for your event. A typical package includes a 16×20 canvas, easel, paintbrushes, paint, a pattern that can be reused, and tracing paper.

Here are some more great ideas to make your event a success:

Find Beginner’s Painting Video on YouTube

You will probably be dealing with people who have never painted in their lives. Fortunately for us, there are many excellent beginners’ videos available. The exact materials used in the videos might vary, but you can probably create any needed brushstrokes and colors with the materials you have.

Create a Playlist

These parties are just not the same without music! Try some coffeehouse tunes, jazz, or even energetic rock hits, depending on the mood you want.

Consider Lighting

This is an often-overlooked aspect of a painting party. Consider if you have enough light for each workspace. This is even more important if you have older people attending whose close-up vision is not as sharp as it used to be.

Why Consider a Wine and Painting Party

If it seems like all your Facebook friends are having these events, you might wonder why they are so popular.

Here are some good reasons:

  • Relaxation: We all know how relaxing drinking wine is. Whether you like to curl up on your couch with your favorite glass of pinot with a book, or sip chardonnay in your bath, wine drinkers know how calming it can be. But did you know that painting also is very relaxing? You can benefit from both types of relaxation.
  • Fun for adults: You know for certain that one of these gatherings is for adults only. If you have children, you can spend this special evening reconnecting with your partner and friends with no children involved. If you do not have children, you have no worries about attending an event for children.
  • Creativity: Do you ever wonder why famous writers and artists drink a lot? Creativity and wine pair well. When you spend more of your time doing creative things, you will feel more creative. Wine aids this process.

Now you know what you need to do to have a successful wine and painting party. Remember, if you decide to skip the work, you always can have it done for you by a company that specializes in these fun events.