July 13, 2024

Wise Selection of Music for Business Events can Also Turn Zombies Alive

3 min read

Corporate events are sometimes boring if it is only about business promotions or international meetings. However, some corporate events are for fun and annual gatherings. These events are organized on a large scale as entire company is invited.

A lot of efforts are put in by the organizers. They look for venues, caterer, lights, and decorations within budget. However, to make every event memorable there has to be a common item enjoyed by everyone and that is Music!

Music is a common language that brings people of all age, religion, nationality, together on one floor. It doesn’t matter what language of music is played in as long as people are able to pace their feet with the beat. Mostly, organizers arrange a DJ who plays their list under disco lights.

If the budget is constrained, then it’s always a player and CD that is handled by one of the employees. There isn’t any harm in arranging a CD player or DJ, but if it is a large event that happens once a year, then live music can make a lot of difference in the enthusiasm of the crowd.

There many local bands in every city that are looking for a chance to show their talent. The live band that you choose, don’t need to be an expensive group, but they can always be local groups who have been in this profession for many years. These local bands also have agents who handle the business, which also give you assurance of their performance.

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While selecting a music compilation or a live music band, you should consider these factors to understand what suits better –

  • The genre of music plays a vital role for every event. For formal VIP events a classical piano music matches best, a business lunch can be complete with light classical music and a late-night party can have jazz music with drinks and dance floor.
  • Understand your audience before deciding music, because not everyone like same pattern of music. If the groups are more about senior management with aged people, then keep light music, but if event is all about annual gathering where all age group is involved, then some fun is needed.
  • You can also mix music to make everyone feel special. Try with soft music, in the beginning, to make mood for everyone and once everybody is swinging and moving with music beats, then switch to some dance music.
  • Choose your equipment and music according to the location and venue. Cramped area with lots of speakers will make it echo and people might get irate with it.

Budget plays an important role while arranging an event. However, one can differentiate the atmosphere between live music and AV equipment set up, thus think wisely, what suits your event better.