April 19, 2024

Optimize Fundraiser Occasions With Activity Enhancements

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Each year I appear to get more invitations to sign up in activities supporting worthy causes. 10K Run – Walks, Golf Tournaments, Offshore Fishing Tournaments, BBQ Competitions and Chili Prepare Offs remain typically the most popular. I support as numerous occasions when i are able to, but time limitations and insufficient a trust fund pressure me to become prudent within the occasions I support and take part in.

Golf has lengthy been a principal passion, so golf tournament fundraisers will always be a frequent activity. Outside entertainment pursuits takes precedent overeating and consuming competitions and BBQ or Chili Prepare Off contests generally take advantage of my absence.

This season my participation criteria has altered considerably. I recognized that occasions rarely change, same course, same lengthy drive contest, same putting contest, largest fish, same T-shirt – fastest time, raffle tickets, silent auction. I recognized event organizers have grown to be complacent, they value the financial contribution made, try not to value recurring supporters, contributors or sponsors enough to supply greater than established order activities.

My worst realization was that being an event organizer and promoter of fundraiser activities, I had been equally complicit and guilty as billed, on all counts.

The answer was simple in concept – offer participants event activities that other similar occasions didn’t. I reviewed all aspects of occasions I’ve took part in or helped produce and created a simple formula – find activities that participants would want to consider trying, but otherwise do not need, then include them in various occasions.


Golf occasions were may well beginning point. I lengthy was keen on the Golf Channel’s reality series – The Large Break. At the begining of episodes, contestants faced numerous golf related skills challenges – Break the Glass and also the Lob Wall were two favorites. Understanding how much I’d benefit from the chance to test both challenges, I built a wall making an investment inside a Break the prospective frame (note the avoidance of glass because the target material). I introduced both activities to tournaments like a pre or publish round activities and recognized instant success. Both were very popular I offered sponsorships to companies that wanted recognition from sponsoring each event.


Fishing tournaments were equally responsible for established order lethargy. Rather of 5 contestants on the boat, the event was restricted to 25 motorboats, however with each boat that contains a nearby sports figure or celebrity. It required additional time and planning, but contestants were willing to bid for boat placement using their favorite celebrity. We introduced a scratch off Fishing Game Card like a fundraiser element. Event attendees not fishing, could still win great prizes using their purchased Fishing Tournament Card. Word has spread and every year the amount of attendees, participants and fundraiser contributions have elevated. Last year’s publish event meal was attended by over 1,000 supporters.

A Brand New Event

Even golf, fishing along with other popular event styles will ultimately become de facto standards, and so i considered next-gen event activities. A 1000 years back I helped support a distinctive event – a shower Tub Regatta. Two and 4 person teams raced (paddled a real tub) 150 yards there were several tub classes, race heats and company sponsors. Each year the event increased in dimensions and recognition, sadly the event ended once the host organization went of business. Although this event could be re-purposed right into a large corporate event, today it’s the most popular corporate team development activity. Another unique team development chance is modeled following the Survivor reality show.