May 29, 2024

Choose The Best Cello With These Tips

3 min read

Starting a new journey in playing an instrument like the cello requires both skills and knowledge. You need to have the skills in playing and the knowledge about cellos too. To begin your journey, the first thing you need to have is the instrument you’ll use. Since you’re new in playing the cello, a beginner cello is the best option for you. But what are the things you need to consider in choosing one? To lend you a hand in purchasing your first cello, you might want to consider the following tips we prepared just for you.

Tips in Choosing the Best Cello

Although purchasing a cello is as easy as one, two, three, you still need to keep an eye on some essential aspects like the following:

  • Long lifespan

Just like anything else, you need a durable cello you can play with from day one until the day you’ve mastered the skills. A cello’s lifespan depends on its build and the quality of strings. You might want to purchase cellos that are made of high-quality wood and stable strings. You also need to ask for the proper maintenance to extend or preserve your instrument.

  • Correct Size 

Cellos have varying sizes, and you do not want to purchase a bigger one if you have a small build, especially if you’re a beginner. Choose the size that comes in handy to you and comfortable enough to play anywhere and anytime. You need to have a good grip on your instrument so you can play it well, and it isn’t possible if you have a bigger cello than what you can handle.

  • Produces good and quality sound

A cello’s quality sound depends on its strings. When purchasing a cello, you need to look and ask for the strings that can produce a brighter or warm sound. The strings vary from gut, synthetic, and steel, and you need to know what you really need before you make a purchase. For example, gut strings can give you warm sounds, but it is very sensitive to temperature changes. Meanwhile, the steel type is very durable, but the synthetic sets can be your best bet because of their stability.

  • Trusted Brand

If you visit an online shop or a physical store, you’ll stumble upon various cello brands. You might feel overwhelmed because you’ll see famous brands and get confused on what to get. In this case, you need to be prepared by doing your research before you go to a shop. Search for the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to cellos and their best bets for beginners. You might want to look for testimonials and customer reviews on their company’s website and see if they can be trusted.


To choose the best cello, the best thing you can do is to be well informed. You can follow the aforementioned tips, and you can also further read articles or product reviews online to see the best pick for beginners like you. Likewise, there are beginner-friendly brands that can offer you their best models. If you’re still not satisfied with these, you can always go and ask cello teachers or professionals for quick advice on purchasing your first cello. By doing so, you can personally clarify things you’re curious about, leading you to a wiser purchase.